Madagascar Birding Tours
A memorable birding experience in Madagascar awaits you! Renowned as a destination for nature lovers that are decorated with exotic flora and fauna, Madagascar has over 110 endemic bird species, with five bird families unique to Madagascar. The mesites, the ground-rollers, Couas, the asities and the vangas, From a recent study, the Malagasy warblers could be grouped together in a new endemic family.
Madagascar Birding Tours
Our 22 days trip will be oriented towards the endemic birds and mammals, and we´ll spend most of our time in the eastern rainforest, the western deciduous woodland, and the southern spiny desert. In addition to the birds, we´ll look at everything natural in Madagascar-plants, reptiles and insects-as well as experience Madagascar´s friendly and hospitable people and sample widely from its delicious cuisine. Our professional guides and their eagle-eyes are sure to make your time in Madagascar a worth-while one.
1. Andasibe national park
2. Ankarafantsika national park - Ravelobe lake
3. Ifaty spiny forest
4. Anakao and Nosy Be Island
5. Tsimanapetsotsa national park - Timanapetsotsa lake
6. Zombitse forest, national park
7. Isalo national park
8. Anja reserve
9. Ranomafana national park
10. Tsarasaotra lake
• Masoala national park : For Helmet Vanga, Madagascar Serpent Eagle and Red Owl and the Red Ruffed Lemur, considered by many to be the most beautiful of all lemurs
• Marojejy national park : For Helmet vanga, Scaly and Short-legged Ground-Rollers, Red-tailed Newtonia and the beautiful Silky Sifaka lemurs.
• Bemanevika lake : For the Madagascar pochard,Madagascar Red Owl and Serpent Eagle.
• Kinkony lake : For the Sakalava Rail
Madagascar Fish Eagle,Madagascar Serpent Eagle,Malagasy Harrier,Henst’sGoshawk,Bernier’s Teal,Pitta-like,Short-legged and Ruffous-headed Ground Roller,Blue,Running,Red-Breasted and Giant Coua,Schlegel’s and Velvet Asity,Bernier’s,Helmet,Pollen’s,Nuthatch and sickled-billed Vanga, Yellow-billed Sunbird-Asity,Long tailed ground roller,Red Owl,Appert’s Greenbul,
Madagascar Birding Tours
Madagascar Birding Tours
Madagascar Birding Tours
Madagascar Plover,Thamnornis,Madagascar Sacred ibis,Hemet Vanga, Brown Mesite, Madagascar Wood Rail, Madagascar Pratincole, Madagascar Snipe, Banded Kestrel, Madagascar & France’s Sparrowhawk, Madagascar Sandgrouse, Madagascar Buttonquail, Madagascar Owl, Rainforest Scops Owl, Madagascar & Collared Nightjar.

• A For a single birder (Solo traveler): 3150Euro
• For Two until Six pax: 2215 Euro per person (Price based on 2 to 6 people travelling together) Group size: From a single to 12 people.

Included :
• All accommodation on B&B
• All Car transfers
• All Parks and Reserves entrance fees
• A driver
• A local Tour Leader (Specialist bird guide)
• Boat to Anakao (Round trip)
• Fuel for the car during the whole trip
Excluded :
• Lunch, dinner and drinks.
• Domestic flights (210Euro per person per flight)
• Local Guides fee (500Euro for the whole tour, for a single to 4 pax)

Booking a tour with us not only gives you an amazing birdwatching tour, but also gives you a deep insight into many other fabulous biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, local culture, and making new incredible friends for life.